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Cavities are one of the most common medical conditions among people all over the world and filling cavities are among the most commonly performed of all medical procedures. While the rate of cavities is down dramatically from just two or three generations ago, most people will still get at least one cavity during their lifetime. Our 60614 dentist uses the very latest dental technology, materials and techniques when restoring teeth with cavities.

When bacteria in the form of plaque and tartar are allowed to stand on the teeth it begins a process of decay of the tooth’s enamel that opens a hole. Sometimes a tooth develops a crack or chip that can let plaque, food debris and bacteria inside to cause decay to start inside the tooth, often at the soft interior material called the pulp. The decay and the open area left when the decay is cleared out is what is referred to as a cavity. Our 60614 dentist will remove the decayed area by drilling it out and then cleaning the cavity of any material that is left. Our doctor will then fill the cavity using either a metal amalgam, which is a mixture of several different metals including mercury. The metal amalgam, which has been used successfully for over 100 years.

A newer form of filing material is a composite filling, which is a mixture of glass or quartz in a plastic resin. The advantages of composite fillings are that they contain no mercury or other metals and because the composite can be bonded to the tooth our 60614 dentist can make a more conservative restoration. However, the main advantage of composite fillings is that they are tooth colored so there is no metal shadow showing through the tooth, as can be the case sometimes with metal fillings. Composite fillings are durable and reliable especially when used with small or medium restorations in an area that doesn’t have a great deal of chewing pressure, for larger restorations or areas where the chewing pressures are greater. Let our doctor rid your mouth of cavities by visiting our office.

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