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Dental plaque in Chicago

Chicago dental office
Chicago dental office

If you want to make sure that your teeth remain clean and your gums remain healthy, you will want to consistently keep your teeth clean of dental plaque. At Advanced Dental Care, we can help you with this at our Chicago dental office by providing you with regular dental cleanings.

When you come to our Chicago dental office for a dental cleaning, you will also want to see one of our expert dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Christian Dalton, for a dental checkup. By doing both of these things on a periodic basis you can be sure that your teeth will stay healthy and that your gums will stay disease-free. It is important that dental plaque is removed from teeth on a daily basis with regular brushing and flossing at home. However, even with the very best at-home cleaning regimen, some plaque will remain on teeth. When this is the case it will harden, and turn into tartar. When tartar stays on teeth, it will encourage the development of deep pockets to form between the teeth and gums. When this occurs, tartar, plaque, bacteria and food debris will gather in the pockets and gum disease will form. Dental plaque cannot easily be seen. It is a clear and colorless film that is extremely sticky. This film is actually a collection of microorganisms and bacteria. It is continually made in your mouth, and needs to be constantly removed from your teeth. In dental plaque, there are also acids which will attempt to eat through your teeth. Dental plaque is the reason why patients get dental cavities. So, keeping your teeth free of plaque, is the way to keep your teeth cavity-free and your gums healthy.

When you come to our Chicago dental office for a dental cleaning, all plaque, tartar, and food debris will be removed from teeth. During your dental checkups, our dentist will let you know if you are developing any gum problems. For an appointment to come in for a dental cleaning, and to have a dental checkup, contact us today.

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